Figure Out How to Play Craps – Tips and Strategies

If you bet, chances are you shall lose. No ifs, ands, or buts. You must understand and accept that certainty. How do you imagine the las vegas casinos afford all their fancy appointments? Of course! By taking cash from the millions of losers who head off to sin city each year. You must approach craps as just another form of entertainment. rather than spending two hundred dollars for a delightful meal and show, you spend $200 for a a couple of hours of entertainment and thrills at the craps table. If you’re fortunate and walk away with a bit of of your $200 still in your wallet, then that’s icing on the cake.

You can never march up to a craps table expecting to come away with a win. You can be affirmative, have discipline, play smart, and pray to acquire a win, but you can not anticipate to succeed. No matter how much you wish, you have to always keep in the back of mind that the game was designed for you to lose. Do not take it so critically that it’s no longer an enjoyable time. If you happen to step away having won a a couple of $$$$$, then your getaway was that much better.

I do not believe in all the pop psych mumbo-jumbo about how affirmative expectations can affect the results of your betting. None of that hooey is going to make the dice land with any different results than how they are going to land. Yes, it’s crucial to have discipline, gamble smart, and be positive, still you have to stay in the real world. The fact is that the game is designed to defeat you, no matter how hard you want or expect to succeed. The reason for keeping a positive attitude isn’t to disturb the results of your play; it’s to help ensure you have a good time.

Have discipline, bet intelligently, and most significantly have a good time. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your holiday by getting upset due to the fact that you couldn’t defeat a game that you weren’t ever supposed to beat.

If you do not wish to lose your shirt, you must learn the secret to craps. Do not follow phony winning strategies or asinine dice-throwing promises. Be smart. Play smart. Learn the secret to craps.

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