Understanding how to Wager on Craps – Tips and Tactics: Demeanor and Beliefs

Regrettably, a craps table is normally awash with superstitious players. If you do or state anything against their absurd beliefs, they sometimes show you dirty glances or verbally abuse you. To assist you to avert awkward situations, jeering, and potential vocal confrontations with these people, learn their folklores and practice craps demeanor. I know it is insane to play along with player’s nutty superstitions, but you’ll experience much more excitement at the table if you do.

Practicing good etiquette includes remembering to be kind to the dealers. Don’t aggravate them by tossing chips at them, banging into their stacks of chips, or laying blame on them for your losses. If you tee off the dealers, how will you maximize your fun? Besides, it simply is not nice. Your friendly attitude will be catching, quickly making the entire table more exciting.

In spite of what so-called "dice doctors" and "craps kings" write down on their web sites, there’s no such thing as a "sane" craps belief. One superstition isn’t any more believable than any other. They’re all the same–bizarre. But you have to heed them or the morons at the table who certainly believe in them can cause your time at the craps table horrifying.

Abiding by most of the morons’ folklores has morphed into traditional protocol at the craps table. Therefore, you have to be aware of and understand them. That’s another requirement to learning the secret to craps. Grow into a smart gambler. Be a master of the secret to craps.

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